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Mattress Encasements in Richmond Hill | CleanRest Pro encasement are the last encasements |  Pest control is not just our profession . We actually LOVE getting rid of pests way more even than you do!!

HUG Pest Control is a licensed and experienced Canadian -owned Ontario- based
pest control company  serving Toronto and the GTA. Whether you're being invaded
by rats, bedbugs, cockroaches , bed bugs and the many other common pests like
ants and pigeons, HUG's professional, fast and efficient services and their
reasonable service rates will have you soon smiling again and definitely sleeping
better knowing HUG has worked hard with you to make your home safe.

HUG's full guarantee to work together with you until your pest problem is solved
ensures that you'll receive as many treatments as is required. HUG will work with
you until we're both satisfied. Pest control is not just our profession . We actually
LOVE getting rid of pests way more even than you do!!

Bedbugs are THE public enemy number ONE ,creeping quickly and quietly into our
homes and beds and tucking themselves away in clothing, luggage and even
electronics. From HUG you will learn all about bed bug behaviour, the best ways
and options available to carry out bedbug eradication from your home , the best ways to keep them out and the world's best guaranteed product available today that will protect possessions  like your expensive mattresses from bedbugs ever again invading and destroying them. With HUG's professionalism and pride in its work, you will again experience confidence, ease of mind and definitely more restful sleep. Bedbugs are creeping through all over Toronto and the GTA. Call HUG Pest so we can stop this invasion !

Cockroaches need no further introduction. These fast-moving, dirty invaders love to eat the food we eat and HUG aggressively goes after them in kitchens, furniture , and their many other hiding spots. HUG will teach you all about cockroach behaviour, carry out repeated aggressive treatments , provide you with additional means to help get rid of your cockroaches  , and then show you how you can keep your home cockroach -free for the future.

The rat and mice population is exploding in Canadian cities. One major reason: much warmer weather in winter. Want to get rid of your rats and mice invaders ? Don't wait too long- when they start breeding or having babies in your property , you'll be sorry - HUG's first phase of attack on rats and mice is to inspect , then place the baits, then work with our customers so they prioritize what they need to do themselves to make sure these very dangerous and disease - carrying animals never get inside your home again . Results are - no more rats or mice.

Ants- do you know where to spray , when to spray, or whether you should spray at all when you have ants? Well, HUG has all the answers to these questions. Ants in your house need a special treatment process - they might even be lurking outside your house. Let HUG put the ants in their place! and out of your place.

HUG's supply of products to help you: HUG carries various spray products : high powered aerosols, mixed concentrates, lures, assorted traps, assorted dusts---- and you get HUG's  great guarantee plus all the pest education you need.
- HUG is more than a business offering pest control services.
- HUG is ALL business about helping you , by permanently eradicating  pests from your home.

Promoting Healthy Sleep | Mattress Encasement | Box Spring Encasement | Pillow Encasement 
"We only sell 'premium' quality products on 'simple' prices" CleanRest Pro encasement are the last encasements you will buy for the mattress you are protecting. CleanRest products are designed using patented technology, offer spoilage and bedbug protection with 100% waterproof and woven fabric. They promote healthy sleep by blocking allergens and irritants, and they enhance your quality of sleep with their soft, quiet, and breathable material. Plus, they come with an unparalleled 10-year full product warranty.

Mattress Encasements in Richmond Hill | CleanRest Pro encasement are the last encasements | Pest control is not just our profession . We actually LOVE getting rid of pests way more even than you do!!

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HUG Pest Control fully understands the desire of customers to obtain the best pest control service available in their area. From the city of Toronto itself to the towns and regions located east, west , north and south of Toronto and the surrounding GTA , HUG PestControl regularly meets customers who experience longstanding ant infestations, cockroaches left behind by tenants who've moved out, and the plague of the bedbugs which suddenly turn up in all kinds of residences and living situations. HUG provides pest control solutions that work. HUG takes the time to teach customers about why pests behave the way they do. Pest education is extremely important to assist customers in achieving their desire to be pest-free. Do you want to know when/ how it's best to do pest control for ants. Do you want to know where cockroaches might decide to lurk in your car? Do you want to know why you should never have thrown away all your expensive mattresses after your bed bug treatment?  Would you be willing to learn more about pest control  for yourself so you can protect yourself and potentially save yourself money?. Whether you live in a rented apartment, or own your own house or condo, HUG Pest Control has a solution that will work for you and give you the peace of mind and satisfaction you deserve.
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